About Lithium Battery Systems…

Lithium Battery Systems (LBS) is headquartered out of Brisbane for research and manufacturing with a network of affiliates, dealers, installers and logistics agents throughout Australia. Established in 2015, LBS is a story of three engineers who came together with a common vision to make a difference in the way we power our lives in the ultimate quest for freedom – freedom from the grid, freedom to go wherever, whenever and freedom to be mobile.

Engineers solve problems. Greg, Chris and Spencer realised the untapped potential of lithium battery technology and the way it could be harnessed in a way that lead-acid batteries can never do because of their weight and chemistry. Each with their unique background, the three engineers collaborated to realise a collective vision. Australian designed, engineered and made lithium batteries tailored to applications that power freedom for the user.

In engineering, a triangle represents the ultimate in strength and stability, much like how the three LBS partners bring complimentary skills forming the basis for a strong and stable business.

Firstly, there is Greg MacDonald, who with a background as a Mechatronics Engineer is the lithium technical expert and the brains behind the LBS Battery Management System (BMS), a solid-state circuit board designed and engineered in Brisbane. Greg harnessed the enthusiasm of many local university electrical engineering students, consultants and industry experts to create the LBS BMS. Greg has over 8 years’ experience with lithium iron phosphate batteries and cell management in electric vehicle design and production. His knowledge of electronics, BMS circuits and firmware programming has been instrumental in the creation of the LBS range of batteries.

Secondly, there is Chris Carrigan, who has a background in corporate management in the IT industry including 20 years with networking giant Cisco Systems and over three decades of IT experience. Chris is the guy at the coal face solving problems that every day Australians face – how to enjoy the freedom of energy autonomy. Chris has a clear vision of the future and the Internet of Things and how intelligent batteries will be seamlessly integrated into our lives and be charged using renewable energy sources.

And lastly, there is Spencer Smith, who with over two decades in process engineering provides the systems, procedures, governance and project management experience the company draws on to grow. Spencer is also a previous small business owner in the solar and recreational vehicle space bringing an in-depth knowledge of market opportunities and industry connections. He has a passion for renewable energy and battery storage and the pioneer behind the Powering Freedom™ mantra.

Together, Greg, Chris and Spencer have disrupted the lithium battery market creating innovative and technologically advanced lithium battery solutions for a wide range of every day challenges. Their synergistic efforts have resulted in a company where demand for their batteries is constantly growing and unique applications are continuing to appear.

Lithium Battery Solutions Powering Freedom™