Boat weight reduction is everything on commercial fishing trawlers. Every kilogram of equipment is a sacrifice for the weight that could be used to carry fish.

The seasonality and the ups and downs of this hard-working environment mean that when you are lucky and the fish are abundant you need to capitalize on that opportunity.

This LBS customer described coming back to the docks literally loaded to the gunnels with one thought on this mind. How can I free up weight and make more freeboard for fish? It made him look at every single item on the boat and consider its purpose and weight.

The easy win was the approximately 200kg of lead in his current batteries which were on the point of failure anyway.

This boat had start batteries on each side for each motor and a big house bank that needed to supply power to an electric reel.

The problem

Boat weight reduction and replace port and starboard start batteries and a house bank. The boat was a 12V environment.

The solution

The start batteries that were used are the LBS-12-START which can deliver 1000CCA and with their dynamic release of energy can easily kick the trawler motors into action.

The house battery was an LBS-12200-ME-REG which is a 200Ah single unit which replaced 3 120Ah AGM batteries which were heavy and sluggish.

A monitoring screen was put into the main cabin and the batteries are put into parallel when underway to charge from the engine alternators. They are able to use the AC battery chargers they already had when back at the dock and connected to shore power.

Overall some 150kg was stripped out of the boat.

This was an easy to calculate business decision because that weight reduction could be used for fish stock when required.