A Prado dual lithium battery was installed under bonnet and isolated from the primary start battery using a Redarc BCDC1225.

Weighing just 16.8kg, this second battery 12 volt 100Ah was used to keep a fridge in the rear compartment powered when the vehicle was not running. It  was also isolated from the start battery to ensure the vehicle start battery was never going to go flat because of the fridge. There are also other circuits in the rear that are used whilst camping connected directly to the 2nd battery.

The Problem

Change to the lithium battery without major disruption to the wiring of the vehicle.

The Solution

The Lithium Battery Systems LBS-12100-LP was the solution. This encased battery is rated to deliver a maximum of 50A of charge or discharge which is perfect for this situation. The draw of the fridge and even with lights and all other accessories was never going to be greater than 20A-25A. So the battery was perfectly within its operating specifications.

The Redarc unit delivers charge when the vehicle is running. This model has 3 charging profiles which are changed by connecting the orange wire in 3 different ways to change the profile. We needed a charge voltage of 14.6V and this did not have to change. If a change was required this would be a 5-minute job but we didn’t need to.

To mechanically mount the battery was simple. The new lithium battery is a 325 x 125 x 235mm unit which is smaller than the standard battery compartment in this and most vehicles. A rubber spacer and some standard clamps did the job. For easy removal the 50A Grey Anderson Plug was used. It was a matter of simply removing the previous connections from the positive and negative and joining and insulating. The previous in-line fuse remained in place.

In summary a direct electrical replacement with some simple cable connections. All work was done by the owner in a safe and functional way.

The Prado dual lithium battery powers the fridge for a far greater time than the previous 120Ah AGM battery. The the new battery is working perfectly as before except with more usable capacity.

100Ah lithium battery