The prospect of finding new gold is re-energized with every generation of gold detector. New models of equipment that can scan deeper than the previous generation give prospectors the opportunity to cover areas that have been picked over with no scanners or lower power scanners.

The Challenge

The brief from this Queensland customer who was heading west in search of gold was to create a highly reliable system. It was likely he would be free camping for many weeks between heading back to settlements. Reliable power was an absolute essential for survival and to continue prospecting.

The Solution

The engineering approach was a dual system with circuit breakers on all inputs and flexibility to continue to operate even with multiple failures.

  • 2 x 100Ah LBS Lithium batteries
  • 2 x Solar, DC-DC Controllers connected to the batteries
  • High current cable to put the batteries into parallel
  • Solar panels were split and shared between the 2 controllers
  • Circuit Breakers were put on all inputs and the loads.

This system could operate even with multiple point failures. After a busy season in the gold fields not a single glitch was encountered and the prospector is happy to report that he uses whatever he wants for as long as he wants in the evenings and usually by mid-morning the batteries are up to 100% full again. This has given him strong confidence to stay in the field for extended periods.

A verified design from Lithium Battery Systems integrated all components into a robust end-end solution. The weight reduction and high usable reserves of power have made this project a eureka moment for this happy prospector who is fuelling up and getting ready for the next season where he hopes to hit the big nugget!

Gold prospector with lithium power