Powerful and lightweight, the LBS Built in Controllers (BIC) has in a single package, everything you need to power your freedom. With 3 LPPT (Lithium Power Point Tracking) solar input controllers the 48V BIC can accept up to 24 panels.  Each solar input will accept up to 8 panels. This is 2 panels in series with up to 4 of these pairs in parallel for each of the 3 solar inputs. The LBS-4850-ME-BIC integrates into a single light-weight product.

• 3 x 40A LPPT solar controllers 55V-80V
• Integrated LBS Battery Management System (BMS)
• On battery State of Charge (SOC) LED
• Connection for an optional remote monitoring screen
• M10 200A positive and negative terminals
• 4 x Anderson plugs (1 x I/O, 3 x LPPT Solar input)
• Strong aluminum enclosure
• 200A continuous load capable
• 500A load surge 30s, 1000A load burst 1s
• 150A charge capable
• Main power switch

• Capacity: 50Ah
• Nominal Voltage: 48V
• Charge Voltage: 51.8V-54V
• Charge Current: 50A max
• Discharge Current: 200A/500A surge
• Operating Temp: 0-45C
• Weight: 30kg
• Lifespan at 80% DoD: 2,000 cycles
• Dimensions: 330 x 240 x 310mm