Constructed using the latest lithium iron phosphate prismatic cells. The HP battery has an inbuilt solid-state Battery Management System (BMS) which offers sophisticated internal management, balancing and diagnostics.

The battery can power larger loads up to 200A of continuous discharge and 500A surge. It can also be charged at up to 150A, replenishing the battery in less than 1 hour. These high-power units can be placed into parallel for capacity increase and current increases to power larger loads.

This BIC model has a convenient built-in solar controller for up to 800W unregulated solar input via the red Anderson. It also can receive a DC input on the blue Anderson and an external AC charger on the black Anderson. All inputs have individual volt meters for monitoring.

• Internal BMS with state of charge LEDs
• Strong aluminium enclosure
• Positive & negative terminals
• Grey Anderson – Input/output 50A max
• Blue Anderson – DC input 40A max
• Red Anderson – Solar input 800W max
• Black Anderson – AC charger input 40A max
• Light weight just 24kg
• LBS Verified Design
• LBS Triple Guard Safety Protection
• Designed and fully assembled in Australia

• Model: LBS-24110-HP-BIC
• Capacity: 110Ah
• Nominal Voltage: 24V
• Charge Voltage: 29.2V max
• Charge Current: 150A
• Discharge Current: 200A max continuous
• 500A surge
• Operating Temp: 0-45oC
• Weight: 24kg
• Life at 80% DoD: 2,000 cycles
• Life at 50% DoD: 5,000 cycles
• Dimensions (LxDxH): 335mm x 250mm x 260mm