Powerful and lightweight, the LBS Built in Controllers (BIC) battery has in a single package, everything you need to power your freedom.  Expect years of reliable service from your LBS battery. The LBS 24V BIC can charge from 24V vehicles and can accept 24V solar panel input. Simply connect to your vehicle alternator, solar panels and connect your loads to enjoy the power of lithium battery technology.

• DC charge controller up to 40A for 24V Alternator connection 27-30V
• LPPT solar controller for up to 1000W of solar input 28-50V
• Integrated LBS Battery Management System (BMS)
• On-battery State of Charge (SOC) LED
• Connection for an optional remote monitoring screen
• M10, 200A positive and negative terminals
• 4 x input / output Anderson plugs
• Strong aluminium enclosure
• Main power switch

• Capacity: 100Ah
• Nominal Voltage: 24V
• Charge Voltage: 27.6V – 28.8V
• Charge Current: 100A max
• Discharge Current: 200A/500A surge
• Life at 80% DoD: 2,000 cycles
• Dimensions: 330 x 240 x 300mm
• Weight: 30kg