The SCM030 is a MPPT solar controller with DC-DC booster input. It is designed to fully charge AUX batteries using either the vehicles power (DC to DC booster) or solar panel (MPPT) sources. It will automatically detect when power is available and begin charging. Either input can be set as the “priority source”. Users can also program the minimum DC Input Voltage and the Input Voltage at which charging will recommence i.e. (8-13V DC). It has reverse polarity and over current inbuilt protections and has user programmable Low Voltage Disconnect and Reconnect (DC Source Input).

Warranty 24 months.

• Dual Charge Input source for PV and DC
• Automatically selects between PV and DC Inputs
• User Programmable Bulk charge voltage
• User Programmable Float charge voltage
• Multi Stage Charging with Timer Protection
• Temperature Compensated Float charge
• MPPT charging algorithm to achieve maximum power draw from PV
• Suitable for numerous Battery types (12V systems)
• LCD display for Battery Voltage, Charging Current, Input Voltage (PV/DC), Input Current (PV/DC)

• Dimensions: 240mm x 205mm x 88mm
• Weight: 1.9kg
• PV input range: 10V –50V (40A Max, 500Watt Max)
• DC input range: 10V-50V (recommend > 30A)