Featuring a high quality 15A battery charger that provides a true continuous charge to a 12V battery. Equipped with an integrated PWM (pulse width modulation) for power control to prevent power loss and also an automatic floating charge mode to avoid damages caused by over time charging. Ideal for standard automotive, deep-cycle marine applications, recreational vehicles and industrial batteries. Don’t be caught out with flat batteries, carry a 15A battery charger today and enjoy peace of mind.

• Fully automatic operating system
• Input over voltage protection
• Over temperature protection
• Short circuit protection
• Automatic voltage stabilisation
• Lightweight and portable
• High quality battery clips with 90cm ca

• Input Voltage: 220-240V AC
• Input Frequency: 50Hz
• Charge Current: 15A
• Output Voltage: 12-14.7V DC
• Output Power: 250W
• Dimensions: 35mm x 180mm x 65mm
• Weight: 1.2kg