We have a battery for everyone who enjoys being in the great outdoors. Whether you are camping on the beach and need to charge your smart devices, or on the road in your caravan and need to power your off-grid lifestyle and hungry AC appliances. Powering freedom with lithium batteries is possible, like never before!

Check out these User Stories and if one resonates with you then give Chris from Lithium Battery Systems a call to discuss your needs and let us help you, power your freedom this holiday season!

Portable Battery – Freedom Power Pack

  • Size – 12V / 50Ah
  • Application – Camping, 4×4, Fishing, Beach

User Story – Beach Camping

“I need lights when the sun goes down and to enjoy a cold beer or two when I am making dinner for the family. I need cold milk in the morning for coffee and cornflakes. I need to charge up phones and tablets, run a small TV in case the football game can’t be missed and I need to keep the music playing when I am scaling the fish. I need portable power.

My current lead battery weighs so much I nearly threw my back out trying to carry it. Cables and connectors were always getting lost and I accidentally ran the battery down to empty one time and it was never the same again. It was ruined after a couple of trips and it’s now the world’s most expensive boat anchor.”

Why I want the LBS Freedom Power Pack (FPP):

  • It weighs less than 10kg;
  • It will last for thousands of trips;
  • It has all the sockets I need to plug everything into;
  • It can be charged from solar panels or AC mains;
  • It is designed for exactly what I like doing;
  • It is easy to stack and stow with rugged handles;
  • It can run a small compressor fridge for 24hrs without charging.

Recreational Vehicles / 4×4 Dual Battery

  • Type – Small Enclosure
  • Size – 12V / 50Ah or 100Ah, 24V / 50Ah
  • Application – Caravan, Motorhome, Campervan, Camper Trailer, 4×4 Dual Battery

User Story – Toyota Coaster Conversion

“I installed two 12V 200AH lithium batteries into my Toyota Coaster that I was converting to an RV. I am a handy DIY person and with some patience and the right advice from LBS I converted this solid base into a van that offers all the luxuries of vehicles that can cost up to 5 times the price.

I mounted 4 x 250W solar panels on the roof in 2 parallel strings of 2 panels. The roof of the coaster offered an ideal mounting base and two long single rails were mounted to the roof using Sikaflex marine grade adhesive. I can now run internal AC appliances such as microwaves, fridges and coffee machines.”

Recreational Vehicles / Marine

  • Type – Medium Enclosure
  • Size – 12V / 150Ah or 200Ah, 24V / 100Ah
  • Application – Caravan, Motorhome, Campervan, Camper Trailer, Boats

User Story – Racing Catamaran Weight Reduction

This project involved the following LBS components:

  • 1 x 12V 200Ah lithium battery for house power
  • 1 x 12V lithium battery for engine starting
  • 1 x remote monitoring screen
  • 1 circuit breaker for winch connection
  • 1 circuit breaker for parallel connection to start battery

In the world of yacht racing, weight is everything. By stripping the weight of a man (~75kg) permanently from the vessel made the boat faster, simple as that. The challenge was to integrate the two batteries into the vessel as a working system and ensure everything worked as before and also incorporate a new electric sheet winch into the design.

The current 25kg lead based start battery was replaced with a lightweight LBS 12V Start Battery which weighed under 8kg but still packed ample punch to start both engines. The catamaran had 4 permanently fixed solar panels and the current Victron Solar controllers were left in place.

The house circuit supplied power to all the standard loads on a yacht of this type including lighting, communications and navigation equipment. The previous batteries were 3 x 120Ah AGM batteries (100kg). These were replaced with similar usable capacity in the form of a 200Ah lithium house battery (25kg).  This is where the majority of the weight reduction was able to come from.

A new electric sheet winch that draws up to 100A under load was part of the upgrade. The power to this new winch and was supplied by the new lithium house battery. The remote monitoring screen was mounted in the main cabin to provide a simple fuel gauge of the battery storage and other information including time to empty or time to full.

This is what we mean by Powering Freedom, reducing weight and adding more usable power so you can go further and longer.

Recreational Vehicles / Marine / 4×4 Dual Battery

  • Type – Medium Enclosure with Multi Volt Controller (MVC)
  • Size – 12V / 150Ah
  • Application – Caravan, Motorhome, Campervan, Boats, 4×4 Dual Battery

User Story – 4×4 Dual Battery System

“My 4×4 is kitted to the max. My fridge is mounted on rails and custom installed. I have an accessory drawer with an air pump, a spotlight, winch and jumper cables to help the less prepared. I need to know I can power everything and never have to worry about my main battery being drained.

My old system needed a battery that weighed as much as a person and all the extra boxes I had to install took up valuable space. After using the winch for a really difficult pull and taking the battery down to low it never was the same again. Everything else I have installed is top quality and I need a 2nd battery system that can go the distance, powering freedom!.”

Why I want the LBS Dual Battery:

  1. It has the DC-DC charger built in so no extra box to mount
  2. It has the MPPT solar controller built in
  3. It is designed for exactly what I need, to power my winch without the engine running
  4. It will last for thousands of trips and can be charged from the car, solar panels or AC mains
  5. The battery can delivery 200A continuous and 500A peak load

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