User Story – Part 1 of 2

Remarkable health work is being done by one of our customers in remote locations around the world including Myanmar and PNG. Their aim is to deliver modern health diagnostics to remote locations to improve community health and the first step is rapid testing.

Our customer has a portable diagnostic testing machine that takes a fluid sample and can test for up to 30 known health conditions including diabetes and AIDS. There is one limitation with this machine which was the reason the customer reached out to Lithium Battery Systems. The power is very unreliable in these remote locations. Once the 90-minute process of testing for the ailments on the remote diagnostic machine commences it needs to finish otherwise it has to start again. Commonly if this interruption was to occur the tested villager would often never to be found again and simply leave. Who could blame them if they had to wait for hours and hours and get no result!

The problem

Ensure reliable power from the ups and downs of local power in remote PNG and Myanmar. Also, to consider other ways to collect power including solar and from vehicles.

The solution

The Lithium Battery Systems Freedom Power Pack, or FPP, used with an AC charger and a 240V inverter. The FPP receives the intermittent local power and charges when it can. The pure sine wave inverter provides reliable power to the portable testing device and the battery keeps everything going even if the power drops for hours at a time.

The Freedom Power Pack had another advantage to offer over traditional UPS’s. It could also be charged from Solar Panels and from the transport vehicle. It provides 12V Ciga Sockets and USB connections for mobile phones or other devices to be charged while on the go.

We are delighted that the FPP is being used for such important work and embodies the Powering Freedom mantra at LBS.

In Part 2 we showcase the FPP in action in the field in PNG and Myanmar.