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At Lithium Battery Systems we understand that you have invested in a quality battery and you need to extract the maximum use out of your purchase. To enable you to install and enjoy many years of battery performance we offer the following levels of support services.

  • All LBS Batteries come with installation support for 14 days after purchase.

  • All LBS Batteries and associated components come with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Registered LBS installations come with a 3-year limited warranty on batteries.

  • Freedom Wall installations may come with a 5/10 year performance guarantee.

  • All LBS Batteries may be purchased with an extended warranty program.

  • LBS Batteries may be purchased and monitored under a variety of Managed Battery System MBS programs.

Installation Support

In the two weeks following the purchase of your new LBS lithium battery we provide complimentary technical support via phone from our technical support team in Brisbane. Simply call us during business hours and chat to our friendly technical support team who will answer any “how to” questions on the set-up and interoperability within the environment you are installing the battery.

During this process we can assist you to register your battery to receive 3-year warranty.

Limited Warranty

All batteries and associated components (chargers, controllers, inverters, DIY cells) come with a limited 1-year warranty to be free from manufacturing defects.

Warranty on all products is conditional on the following:

  • The battery or component is operated within the environmental guidelines supplied; and

  • The battery or component is operated as intended with reasonable care.

If a battery is registered within 90 days:

  • LBS lithium batteries that are registered come with a three-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

View and download our warranty here

Guarantees on long term capacity

In addition to the above LBS batteries may come with a guarantee on capacity. The Freedom Wall may come with a guarantee to be > 60% of original capacity after 5/10 years if the installation is a verified design and the installation is registered with LBS.

All performance guarantees must be in writing within 90 days of installation.

Extended Warranty Plan

Upgrade your standard warranty for LBS batteries to the extended warranty plan. Extended warranty includes additional support as follows:

  • Lifetime access to technical phone support.

  • Limited warranty extended to 5 years.

  • 3 years of free battery service, balance, software upgrade, clean and check.

  • Trade back of old battery at 5 years to a refurbished or new battery.

View and download our extended warranty here

Managed Battery Systems (MBS)

Our highest level of support is Managed Battery Systems.

A Managed Battery System is a combination of 3 elements in the way you consume battery technology.

1. The ability to connect to LBS Batteries.
All LBS batteries will have the ability to be connected to.

Options include:

  • Via a monitoring screen.

  • Via Bluetooth or Wi Fi for local monitoring and control.

  • Via WIFI, ethernet or 3G/4G so it can be connected to the internet.

Currently most LBS batteries have the option of the remote monitoring screen and will come with options for remote connectivity. Once connected, events, performance and health can be monitored and acted upon by LBS.

2. The ability to pro-actively react to what is happening with the battery.
This includes fault monitoring, end of life predictions and state of health for connected components. If we see the battery has a fault, or is being operated outside of its recommended operating window, then we can proactively alert the owner.

3. The ability to manage the Total Cost of Ownership of the battery.
Once the battery is connected and monitored the cost of the battery over its lifetime has many options. Batteries can be used on the basis of “Battery as a Service” (BaaS) which is a monthly fee for a working battery. Ensuring the battery is working as required and any service or replacement is the responsibility of the service provider.

LBS can offer a 3-6 year operating agreement to supply, monitor and pro-actively ensure the battery is always ready to operate. This gives predictable budgeting and certainty of performance.

To find out more about MBS call Chris Carrigan on 1800 844 869.

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