Renovating or Building a Caravan, RV, or Boat?

Which LBS Battery Should I Use?

You have made the choice to use one of the quality Lithium Battery Systems batteries but can’t decide which model suits your needs as a house battery in your caravan, RV or boat.

Here is a quick summary of which model is best for you.

LBS Battery Type Available Voltages / Capacities
Regular (REG) 12V/50Ah, 12V/100Ah, 12V/150Ah, 12V/200Ah, 24V/50Ah, 24V/100Ah, 48V/50Ah
BIC (Built-In-Controller) 12V/50Ah, 12V/100Ah, 12V/150Ah, 12V/200Ah, 24V/50Ah, 24V/100Ah, 48V/50Ah
MVC (Multi-Volt Controller) 12V/150Ah, 12V/200Ah

The first choice is “Do I want my controllers inside the battery or are they going to be outside the battery?”

To charge your battery in a RV, caravan or boat it is common to have charge coming into the battery from 3 sources.

  1. From the start battery alternator;
  2. From solar panel(s);
  3. From an AC charger.

If you already have controllers or chargers in place there is a good chance they will work with your LBS lithium battery. You may wish to simply keep these chargers and bolt the new battery in place of the old battery.

Sometimes you have a requirement to have your controllers and chargers all as separate units. This may be an engineering reason or you simply prefer to design your system this way.

If this is the case, the REG (Regular) battery is best for you.

The second choice is “I want my controllers built-in but what type of panels and Alternator do I have?”

If you want to have the convenience and cost saving of having the controllers built into the battery you have to now consider:

  • What type of panels you are wanting to use (12V or 24V);
  • What type of alternator you have in your vehicle or boat (traditional or new smart alternator), 12V or 24V.

If you have a traditional alternator and want to use 12V panels the BIC is the best option for you.

If you have a smart alternator or have a 24V start battery and you want to use 24V Solar panels then the MVC is the best option for you.

Battery Type Solar Alternator
REG External Controller External DC Charger
BIC Internal Controller

12V panels for 12V battery

24V panels for 24V battery

Internal 12V traditional alternator
MVC Internal Controller

12V or 24V panels

Internal 12V or 24V

Smart or traditional alternator

In Summary:

  • The 12V BIC only works with traditional 12V alternator & 12V solar panels.
  • The 24V BIC only works with a traditional 24V alternator and 24 V solar panels.
  • The MVC only comes in a 12V version but works with any alternator 12/24 or smart and any type of solar panels 12/24.

Make sure you call or contact LBS to ensure you choose the right battery for your project.