Building electric vehicles with lithium batteries is gaining momentum in the EV enthusiast market. Doing so has never been as easy as today with components available from Lithium Battery Systems. Components such as the lithium cells and Battery Management System are readily available nowadays.

All LBS batteries use a high-quality Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) 50Ah prismatic cells. These cells have a nominal 3.2V with an operating range of 3.2-3.65V. This makes them ideal to construct 12V, 24V and 48V systems. Each cell weighs 1.5kg and delivers 160Wh. The cells are 128x38x188mm (LDH). The power density and weight density make them a great choice for electric vehicles.

LBS works with the AEVA the Australian Electric Vehicle Association whereby members have access to buy in bulk these lithium cells for use in their own projects.

In this project, the vehicle was set up to run on 96V with its own customized Battery Management System.

This beautiful customized sports cruise is located at Paradise Point on the Gold Coast in Queensland and with her new battery set up will have 21kWh of capacity which will give her a comfortable running range to cruise along the beachfront down to Coolangatta and back through the hinterland on a single charge.

Building electric vehicles with lithium batteries is slowly but surely becoming more popular on our roads, spearheaded by Tesla of course. And with other car manufacturers following suit with their own electric vehicles variants it won’t be long before they become mainstream.