Why I Need Portable Power

I need lights when the sun goes down and to enjoy a cold beer or two when I am making dinner for the family. Can’t forget I also need cold milk in the morning for coffee and cornflakes and I need to charge up phones and tablets, run a small TV in case the football game can’t be missed. And one more thing I need to keep the music playing when I am scaling the fish. I need portable power.

My current lead battery weighs so much I nearly threw my back out trying to carry it. Cables and connectors were always getting lost and I accidentally ran the battery down to empty one time and it was never the same again. It was ruined after a couple of trips and it’s now the world’s most expensive boat anchor.

Why I want the LBS Freedom Power Pack (FPP)

  • Weighs less than 10kg;
  • Will last for thousands of trips;
  • Has all the sockets I need to plug everything into;
  • Can be charged from solar panels, AC mains or DC from my car cig socket (DCC version only);
  • Is designed for exactly what I like doing;
  • Is easy to stack and stow with rugged handles;
  • Can run a small compressor fridge for 24hrs without charging*.

*based on average consumption of 1.5A / hr for a 40-50L sized fridge.

Lithium Battery Systems