I’m a Tradie and this is why I need portable power

My utility is my workshop. Some jobs have no power on site. No power means that I can’t use my bigger tools or charge my portable packs. No power means I make less money. I need to have power packs always on charge and need to be able to run an extension cable to get my impact drills onto the heavy work. I need portable power that will last the whole day.

My old battery ran out before morning smoko. I can’t be lugging hundreds of kilograms of lead around. My portable battery powered tools are fantastic but I need to run my 240V power tools as well. If I can work this out it n any job and know I can deliver.

Why I want the LBS AIP 200Ah with an Inverter

  • The battery weighs a third of the equivalent AGM;
  • It has the DC-DC charger built in to connect to my vehicle;
  • I can use a solar panel and charge up during the day;
  • I can charge it up every night at home with optional AC charger;
  • The battery can delivery 200A continuous and 500A peak power;
  • It is designed for exactly what I do;
  • Will last for thousands of work days;
  • The Inverter gives me 240AC power that can power my bigger tools and charge my portable power tool batteries.
Lithiium Batteries Dual Battery System

12V 200AH lithium battery.