Why I Need a Dual Battery System

I have a 4×4 which is kitted to the max and my fridge is mounted on rails and custom installed. In the event I come across someone who needs assistance I have an accessory drawer with an air pump, a spotlight, winch and jumper cables. Powering everything and never having to worry about my main battery being drained. This is why I need a dual battery system.

My old system needed a battery that weighed as much as a person and all the extra boxes I had to install took up valuable space. After using the winch for a really difficult pull and taking the battery down to low it never was the same again. Everything else I have installed is top quality and I need a 2nd battery system that can go the distance.

Why I want the LBS Dual Battery Bundle

  • I have options to choose the battery capacity which suits me best – 50, 100, 150 or 200Ah;
  • Has the DC-DC charger built in so no extra box to mount;
  • Has the MPPT solar controller built in;
  • Designed for exactly what I need, to power my winch without the engine running;
  • Lasts for thousands of trips and can be charged from the car, solar panels or AC mains;
  • Battery can delivery 200A continuous and 500A peak load.
Lithiium Batteries Dual Battery System