Our Lithium Batteries

We specialise in manufacturing 12V / 24V and 48V lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for recreation, off-grid and mobility applications. We are excited to release our newest battery, a portable 12V / 50Ah battery called the Freedom Power Pack (FPP) which has all the sockets you need to enjoy remote and portable power on your next camping trip.

We use quality imported LFP 3.2V / 50Ah cells and assemble the batteries here in Brisbane. We string individual cells together in series and parallel to generate the required voltage and Ah capacity. The battery pack is secured inside a aluminium enclosure to offer maximum mechanical protection.

We design and manufacture our very own battery management system (BMS) here in Australia so that we can control both quality and functionality more closely, rather than use an off the shelf BMS from overseas.

We can include a state of charge display with a length of cable such that it can be conveniently wall mounted.