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Case Studies

Stories involving lithium batteries

Chances are, if your profession requires you to have remote power – or you just like having the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want in the great outdoors – then you can probably identify with one of these case studies below.

The 4×4 Adventurer

Are you the 4×4 enthusiast who loves going off the beaten track?

Download – 4×4 Adventurer

The Prepared Tradie

Are you the tradie who needs portable power to run your tools at remote sites?

Download – Prepared Tradie

The Weekend Adventurer

Are you the weekend warrior who likes to pitch the tent in the great outdoors?

Download – Weekend Adventurer

Toyota Coaster Conversion

Installing two 12V 200Ah lithium batteries to a Toyota Coaster Conversion.

Download – Coaster Conversion

Yacht Hits the High Seas

43ft yacht upgrade strips out 100kg battery weight before heading off to Vanuatu.

Download – 43ft Yacht

Racing Catamaran

Reducing weight by adding a starter and 200Ah house lithium battery to a racing Catamaran.

Download – Racing Catamaran

RV Weight Reduction

Caravan Weight Saving in a Domain Lyrebird

Download – Domain Lyrebird

RV Weight Reduction

Caravan Weight Saving in a Jayco Silverline Outback

Download – Jayco Silverline Outback